Fertility Preservation Fund


Stephenson Cancer Center - DonateWhen a patient is diagnosed with cancer, there is a chance their cancer treatment will decrease or eliminate their ability to have children naturally in the future.  We see these patients quickly for a consult to discuss their options for fertility preservation prior to initiating cancer treatment.  Sadly, many of these patients are unable to proceed with fertility preservation such as freezing oocytes (eggs) due to the cost.  Therefore, we created the Stephenson Cancer Center Fertility Preservation Fund to help cover the costs for these patients.  If you would be willing to donate—any amount can help—here is the link.  As an added benefit, you may qualify for Oklahoma Cancer Research Tax Credit which reduces your total state income tax liability.  Please see this link for more information. https://www.ouhealth.com/documents/philanthropy/Oklahoma-Cancer-Research-Tax-Credit.pdf.

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