(Excerpted from the Edmond Sun) -  Visitors at the Oklahoma City Zoo watch as a western lowland gorilla named Kelele cuddles, licks and naps with her son. Leom is just a few weeks old, born on Feb. 14. His bright eyes are busy absorbing the world around his mother’s protective care.

Having a baby was new for Kelele, 19, after many fertility attempts were futile for seven or eight years. So the zoo contacted Dr. LaTasha Craig when it became evident that Kelele was having reproductive problems.

Craig previously had done some primate research when in training. A diagnostic laparoscopy was performed by her to examine if Kelele’s reproductive tubes were obstructed. Ultrasound was used to evaluate Kelele’s ovaries. Blood work revealed Kelele had a hormonal issue that was preventing her to become pregnant, said Craig, a fertility specialists for OU Physicians Reproductive Medicine.

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